Without Minimum Order Quantity,These Easy Steps to Buy Customize Logo Product

Without Minimum Order Quantity,These Easy Steps to Buy Customize Logo Product

TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT: Avail of Affordable Printing of Personalized Items Without Minimum Order Quantity .

It may be hard to believe, but some printing factories accept orders for personalized printing of items even without a minimum order quantity (MOQ)!

Even though most big factories require you a minimum number of pieces per order to accept your printing job, some factories accept your order even if you want just 1 personalized item. So it is very wise to choose the right one.

So, how do you look for the right one?



#1 Make the Design

You create the design you want printed on the item.

Some software widely used to make a design are Ai, CDr, and Photoshop. Normally, the design is saved in a PDF format.

software to make designAi-edit-design




#2 Make the Printing Frame

Once the factory receives the final design, they will start to make the silk screen frame.

Prices start at $10 for a 1 color design. Normally, the frame will be ready in 2 days.





#3 Find The Right PRINTING Factory.

This is the most important step.

When you just use Alibaba.com or Google to look for the right printing factory, you can’t normally find the right one. This is because search engines come up with the most popular ones. And normally, the most popular ones are not the main manufacturers or factories of the item you need.

Usually, these shops require you to have a minimum order quantity before accepting your printing job.


For example, in Yiwu, China, there are more than 1,000 big and small factories; but there are just 3-5 small factories who will be happy to print very small (or even 1 pc) orders.

Some factories may accept your order but they will charge around $40 USD for a setup fee if your order is below 500 pcs.

For example, if you order 500 pcs of mugs printed with a 2-color logo, the final price will be 2 x (10$+40$)/500pcs + item price=0.2$ +item price. Of course, the bigger your MOQ, the lower the price of each mug.





#4 Printing

And now, for the final step, after choosing the design and the factory where you want your personalized item done, the factory will now do the work for you.

Don’t fear. If you order 3,000-5,000 pcs of print work, small factories can still finish it within 1 day!





Why do you need to choose a small printing factory?

a. Most small factories are located in small villages near the city; you can save your transportation fee.

b. A big factory has so many big orders waiting to be printed; you will waste precious time waiting for your turn.

c. A small factory can give you better prices because their production cost (rent, labor, etc.) are cheaper than a big factory.

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