Create Promotion ideas? What is PERFECT Promotional Product?

Create Promotion ideas? What is PERFECT Promotional Product?


Have Good Promotion ideas Help to reflects more on your brand value.This article will sharing our thinking of Perfect Promotional Product and how to create Promotion idea(Open your mind).


First,What is Promotional product?

Most people consider the Promotional product as the same product in discount price or for FREE, for promoting sale.


· Having Useful function

· Higher value, customer going to like this.

· Customer throw it away after buying it


Above, it’s a NORMAL way people thinks of promotional product.

promo idea

BUT, Promotional product is something more than that.



Let me tell you something very interesting. A car company wants to customize a promo item. Usually, they will do it by printing their logo and Emergency call Number on an umbrella.

Promotion Umbrella

But, this promotion idea is quite OLD!


Imagine, an umbrella is a basic household item, it’s quite possible that customer has already a lot of umbrellas, so are they going to be surprised by getting new Promotional umbrella gift?

Sam is the Product Manager of

Yiwu SamPromos showroom

He thinks out of the box & have lot of Promotion ideas.

Below, are some of his skills to develop NEW promotion idea!


Let us take the umbrella example & develop it one step further.

Question: When you going to use an umbrella?

Answer: Obviously on a rainy day.

Question: If you have a car & an umbrella, and luckily it’s raining, so is there anything that going to cause you a headache?

Answer: Every time when I get back to my car and fold my umbrella, it wets the floorboard of my car.

Question: If somehow something stops wetting your floorboard due to an umbrella, will you happy to buy it?

Answer: Off course, why not!

Alright then, check below product picture. We have generated a new idea here, “AN UMBRELLA HOLDER”.

umbrella promotion


Alright, then let us continue brainstorming.

Question: This umbrella holder can be used only on a rainy day, is there any other better product? What do you think, what is the most important thing for a car owner?

Answer: Safety, the most important thing at all.

Question: What could be the travel safety risks, when driving?

Answer: Every weekend I go for outing with my lovely dog Pony, I always check at him to make sure he stays on his seat, this diverts my attention from driving.

Question: Are there many same people like you, having a pet?

Answer: As per APPA(American Pet Products Association) Info, 68% of the families have pets, and most of them likes to go out with their pet.

Alright then, an imprint safety belt for your pet can be your new idea for promotional item.

imprint safety belt pet safety belt

We think that it’s a good promotional item, the product can be imprinted with your logo, the buyer had never seen this product before, and this is perfectly feasible to let your customer remember your logo/company name.


Summary: What can be a Perfect Promotional idea Product?

1. Can easily hide your promotion content and purpose (Most people does not like commercial advertising).

2. Innovation and difference, to make people SURPRISED, this reflects more on your brand value.

3. Make worthy every dollar which you spend, also cheap item can be your best option.


If you have any Promotion idea,you can contact us.Sam will give you some suggestion for reference.

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Tony Chen -- the founder of TonySourcing & TonyPromos. He is Professional merchandiser in China since 2011, Now he have quote a lot of Professional knowledge for all kind of Toys and Promos item.

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